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Chả giò tôm thịt/khoai môn (Taro deep-fried spring rolls)

Deep-fried spring rolls or for some they also called egg rolls which in Vietnamese called cha gio. Spring rolls (egg rolls) typically found in variety of Asian country, made in thin dough sheet with filling rolled inside and deep-fried in cooking oil until crisps golden brown color.
They mostly served as an appetizer wrap with lettuces dip Vietnamese sweet and sour sauce and/or having it as it is for snack. For me, I normally eat it as it is for most of the time as a snack. You would find it in most of Asian restaurant that made filled with cabbage, carrot, ect... Today I am going to take you to experience a whole new taste of deep-fried spring roll (egg rolls) that are simple and very easy to make  and yet different taste assure you will love. The fillings simply made with taro, shrimp and ground pork. When making them, have your children help with rolling because this is probably the best time to have family involve in the kitchen. They do not need to make it perfectly, that is the best of homemade and yet delicious. I usually make them at least 50 to a hundred every time because they freeze perfectly and can be fry right out from freezer, do not need to defrost. Now, 50 may sound a lot of spring roll but believe it will be gone soon after you done and fry them!


1tsp pepper
½ tsp salt
1egg white, save egg yolk to seal the spring roll later on
50 to 70 spring roll pastry or shells
3 cup taro (khoai mon) thinly julienne and halved
½ lb ground pork
½ lb uncooked, shelled, deveins, and finely chopped shrimp. Prefer smash it using the side of a butcher knife if possible because you want to have the same consistency as the ground pork


 Defrost spring rolls sheet. Meanwhile, in a mixing bowl, Combine all the ingredients together and mix them well together using your hand (your best tool in the kitchen). Take your defrost spring rolls sheet, separate the sheet and cover with damp tower or a paper tower to prevent them from drying out. Mixing the egg yolk with 1 tsp of water for use to seal the spring roll.

Directions in the picture from left to right , top to bottom
- Place the sheet in a diamond shape as shown in the picture; place a small amount of the filling at one corner toward you. For best, make sure to not overstuffed, that way they do not pop when frying.
- Fold over and pull tight toward you. Roll to the middle.
- Fold the left and the right side over
- Seal at the end corner with reserve eggs york
 and placing seam side down to help secure.
- Repeat the proccess until it is done!

 Heat oil on a pot or a pan on medium-high heat,
Tip: Make sure the oil is enough to fry, about 2 inch of hot oil to get it crisps nice golden brown color
- Slowly slide in the spring rolls, fry until it float to the top, and it slightly turn golden bown color, thats when you know it is done. Place the fried spring rolls (egg rolls) on a wire rack or on a paper tower to get rid of the excess oil. Picture shown below:
Deep-fried Spring Rolls (cha gio chien)


  1. Thr best spring rolls ive ever had linh you are something special thank you for the dish you are amazing when it comes to food

  2. You're very welcome Walid!! Glad you love them :)

  3. last part of the ingredient you put 1/2 lb ground pork and 1/2 lb uncooked does that means the first 1/2 is cook?

    1. CAn u please clarify the last part. thxs

    2. Hi Calivin
      My apologies.. it is the 1/2 lb uncooked shrimp.


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