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Nui Gio Heo (Vietnamese pasta soup)

hot, pasta soup, pasta, vietnamese,
Nui Gio Heo and Pho are hubby two top favorite Vietnamese comfort soup dish. Feeling lazy; don’t know what to cook and/or don’t want to do lots of cooking on rainy cold kind of depressing weather. Well, this is it, Vietnamese comfort pasta soup that will sure to warm you up from inside out.  Vietnamese pasta soup is very comforting dish I make a lot at home and even my two kids 4yrs and 3 yrs old love it every time not to mention my husband. It is a combination of pork feets hot soup ladle over pasta, a touch of cilantro, fresh cracked black pepper and garlic hot sauce, delish. Vietnamese rice pasta is very similar to Italian pasta, so feel free to replace it if you could find Vietnamese rice pasta. For this soup, it doesn’t have to be pork feet, but traditionally we love pork feet especially to make this soup dish. I am sure it may sound a little creepy to some of you but if you have not yet try it, you should try it! Have been said that, you can always substitute with any kind of meat you like; chicken, seafood or even beef ect… make it yourJ. Very simple and easy to make I promise and yet it is so good! 
hot, pasta soup, pasta, vietnamese,
3½-qart water, for the broth
1lb pork feet , parboiled, clean/rinse under tap water
2 medium to large loose carrots ,peel and sliced
4 chayote, peel , halved, remove the seed and sliced
3tbsp granulated chicken flavor soup base mix
3tsp salt
Ground pepper
Chili garlic sauce
Cilantro, rough chopped 
hot, pasta soup, pasta, vietnamese,
Chayote is use in mostly cooked form. They are quite sweet and cruchy which some people also like to add raw in their salads or salsas. Chayote peel are thin almost like carrot and really up to you wether to peel or not. I mostly like them cooked and peel, but however you use them, cooked or raw, peel or unpeel. Chayote give you good source of amonio acids and vitamin C.
hot, pasta soup, pasta, vietnamese, chayote, carrot, vitamin
Halved, remove the seed and sliced as shown in the picture above.
Warning: if you decided to peel the skin, use glove or just an empty grocery bag to hold on chayote when peeling to avoid leaving mucus-like. One they substance on your hand, they could be hard to remove or clean it off.   
hot, pasta soup, pasta, vietnamese, chayote, carrot, vitamin
 For carrots, peel and sliced. Most of us, or almost all of us may already know that carrot give you lots of good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Fiber ect. which of course I try to use alot in my everyday cooking. and this is one of many way of using carrot to get kids eating more veggie as part of their diet. 
*Parboiled Pork feet
- bring a pot of water to a boil, drop in your pork feet, bring to a boil for 2 minutes , drain and rinse/clean well under tap water . Set aside!
Notice: whenever I bring any pot of soup to a simmer for a long or just a short time, I always parboiled my meat. It is most important step to make deliciously clean and clear broth.
Bring 3½-qart water to a boil. add parboiled pork feet, bring back to a boil and skim out the scum. The step shown in Pho (rice noodle soup)  and Canh Du Du (Green papaya Soup). Cover the lid and lower the heat so simmer for about 25-30 min. Meanwhile, bring a pot of salt water to a boil, add in 1lbs of pasta (any kind), and let it cook in according with the package direction.
Tip: add about 1tbsp of oil to the pot to avoid from sticking together. Drain and let it run under cold tap water for few second and then let it run under hot tap water for another few second. Set aside.
Once the soup is ready, remove the lid and of course skim out any scums and fats once more.
Add in sliced carrots and cook for 3-5 minute,
hot, pasta soup, pasta, vietnamese, chayote, carrot, vitamin
Add sliced chayotem, granulated chicken flavor soup base mix, salt and ground black pepper. Bring to a boil and cook for 7 to 10 minutes, remove from the heat. In this part, I tend to like my veggie more tender but is up to you how well you want your veggie to be done.
To serve; add among of pasta in indiviual serving bowl. Ladle the hot soup, veggie and meat (pork feet) into each bowl, add chopped cilantro, ground black pepper and if you like it more spicy, add chili garlic sauce which I love especially to serve with any kind of noodle soup. Enoy~~ Happi Cooking~~ :)  

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